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Lifelines - C.J. Lyons For the record, I don’t know CJ Lyons (the author) personally, but I do know her by name and I know she had a long, interesting road to publication, which IMO makes this book that much sweeter. Because you see, LIFELINES ROCKS!!!!!!!

The quote from Lisa Gardner on the front comparing LIFELINES to Old ER is dead on (though I actually watch more new ER than I ever did the old–it’s on my list). Have you heard me whining lately about a lack of single title romance? If not, you must be deaf because I’ve done a lot of it LOL. I mostly read YA fiction, urban fantasy, paranormal and romantic suspense (which I’ve kind of been burnt out on). While this can definitely qualify as (really good) romantic suspense, it’s also got a good old-fashioned juicy romance.Lifelines

Anyway the good: If you look up Pageturner in the dictionary, you’ll see that cover there, because this is a true page-turner and an absolute joy to read. If you like ER, if you like old Robin Cook, you totally need to pick this up. The pacing is spot on, the writing is great (and my test is if I can’t SEE the writing for the storytelling, I’m good), the story is fabulous, the characterization is stellar with a cast of deliciously flawed characters I can’t wait to spend more time with, the medical aspects aren’t so overdone you’re not left scratching your head and going WTF, and most importantly of all I didn’t figure out “who dun it” until about 2/3 - 3/4 the way through and even then, that didn’t spoil how it all played out. Oh, and even though this is the first in a series, and the set-up is there for the next book (I just went and look and it is Amanda’s book! WOOT!) it doesn’t scream SEQUEL BAIT!

The bad: I have no idea when the next book is coming out.

The quibble: This book has a BIG cast and it did get a little confusing at times but even so, hats off to CJ because I don’t think there’s a one-dimensional character in the bunch!

The bottom line: GO BUY IT!