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Gone Missing - Linda Castillo Hmmm I'm really on the fence about this one. It was good but not great. And a 288 page hardcover? ReallY??? I have big issues with that ($$$) but I realize that's not on the author but the publisher.

1. The writing, all in first person this time, wasn't stellar (In previous it was a mix of first/prsent and third person which worked real well). I know 1st person is difficult but I also know what well done 1st person is and I'm SUPER PICKY about reading it. All the 'I see' or 'I saw' and 'I smelled' got old fast.

2. I know this is the fourth book in a series but the backstory felt forced as did the character descriptions of her team (really? Lady Gaga'esque was the best you could do for a character as great as Mona? Come on!! Plus...that's how you described her in book 3 also.)

3. How many times did we need to be told what Rumspringa is? It was in the book description AND in the book itself at least three times. We get it.

4. Without going back to look I'm pretty sure someone mentioned that farm used to be part of the Underground Railroad...so how did the main characters forget?

5. The whole thing with the suicide not ever really being figured out kinda bugged me. I hope there's another book because it felt very much like a loose thread. I know in real life we don't always get justice but that was SAD on so many levels.

That said there was enough to like to keep me going--and I guess I felt I had a vested interest after three books to see how this one played out. Glad Kate isn't drinking as much and really glad to see her relationship with Tomasetti is going places (at a nice pace I might add).

Maybe I had high expectations because I enjoyed the other books so much. None of these are deal breakers but I can see myself waiting for the trade paperback of her next book rather than shelling out for the hardcover.