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Every Dark Place - Craig   Smith I hate when I anticipate a book and then it doesn't live up to my expectations, and that's what happened here.

The first hundred pages suck and I do mean SUCK. They are confusing and poorly written, not to mention the hero spends most of them getting sh*tfaced. YOu're supposed to feel sorry for him because his daughter was kidnapped and murdered and his life fell apart, but that fact does NOTHING to make him likeable, or more importantly, make you care about him. And then there's the scene setting--or lack thereof. You have no real sense of place or time (except winter). At first, after the mention of Attica I thought it was set in NY State or the East Coast but at the end of the book--like in the last 25 or so pages-- you find out it's set in the midwest (state unnamed). Because I know this book was pubbed in the UK i thought it had been written by a Brit--who didn't know how to do research, let alone scene setting. I was wrong. It was written by an American living in Switzerland--who doesn't know how to do research or scene setting (and could really REALLY use a good editor).

All my griping aside, it's everything that takes place AFTER that first 100 or so pages (after the kidnapping of two girls--not a spoiler) that redeems this book. It doesn't make the hero or some of the other characters any more well-rounded but at least you actually start to give a crap about whether the girls are found in time.